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By: Kati Schultheis

At yesterday’s unveiling of the newest iPad, Apple revealed that the new display will be better than the previous iPad—and better than even our HDTVs.  Within the 9.7″ screen, the resolution will be 2048 x 1536, or 3.1 million pixels.

For the crisp display as well as other new features (including a 5 megapixel camera), we can likely expect long lines at the Apple stores on the March 16th launch.

By: Jess Ochs-Willard

In an effort to attract more customers, businesses all around the world are making the iPad a part of their customer experience. Restaurants like Stacked – a burger and pizza chain based in CA – are using Apple’s flagship tablet as a menu and ordering device; Let’s Yo, a frozen yogurt franchise based in NJ preloads the devices with games and tethers one to every table; even airline Jet Blue has hatched plans to lend iPads to customers that are preloaded with apps that “allow travelers to check their flights, order food, check email and update Facebook.” The iPads have been rolled out in three major airports so far (New York’s LaGuardia, Minneapolis-St. Paul International, and Toronto Pearson), and the company plans to purchase 25,000-100,000 more devices as the program expands.

And all of this is only the beginning. Apple is rumored to have plans to release a smaller, seven to eight inch tablet. At a lower price point, these “mini” iPads will be a more affordable investment for forward-thinking business that are currently on the fence. So you can look forward to a neatly packaged and innovative use of technology your favorite up and coming local business.

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By: Jessica Venegas

I recently had the amazing opportunity visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Joy to the world for such a fantastic architectural wonder by Frank Gehry. Also, I got to see a brilliant exhibit, David Hockney: A Bigger Picture – about 150 pieces of art, most of which have been created in the last eight years. Hockney, often referred to as the UK’s greatest living artist, has had an amazing career. He has experimented with photography, collages, painting, printmaking, digital videos and stage design on top of writing a few books.

What I found fascinating about this particular exhibit was that many of the artwork was created on an iPad. I have an iPad. I love my gadgets. I have used my iPad to draw, although more often to play. That’s pretty much as complex as I get. Here is a brilliant 75-year-old man using his iPad to create beautiful, sophisticated, colorful, pieces of art that are then printed in large format (about 57” by 43”). The work, inspired by the East Yorkshire landscapes, is hypnotizing. Apparently, these days, he’s rarely without his iPad and I can’t wait to see what other amazing work he’ll be creating with whatever new gadget comes his way.

See some of the work here.

By: Brent Heindl

Anyone who works in advertising would be well-served to take a look at the December 3rd issue of Time magazine–the newsstand version, not the electronic version. Turn it over and on the back cover you’ll find an ad for the iPad mini. And on the iPad screen? The front cover of the same magazine. The front cover on the mini is obviously much smaller than the actual front cover–a purely visual, simple demo of the product. The only way to make the ad more amazing would be if the iPad mini version had my mailing address on it as well.