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By: Pharyl Weiner

Unlike women who sit close to, and look directly at, each other when speaking, men do anything but partake in a real face-to-face discussion. You might say this is part of the same guy code that enforces the urinal rule that men are hell bent on following. Either way, this is how men interact with each other in real time, and showing them engaged in conversation in any other way will appear inauthentic in print or TV ads targeting men even if the men viewing them cant verbalize why.

*Deborah Tannen

By: Pharyl Weiner

According to one New York City single, all it takes to get a free meal is a subscription. While shes received significant backlash regarding her expose on dating for dates (meaning the food), this one woman is sure hungry for casual dating. What does this teach us? People would rather spend money on apartments and material items than food and that men should screen their dates a little better.

By: Pharyl Weiner

Perhaps the biggest thing you didn’t know about the three brothers Hansen is that they’re all old enough to drink. Alas, were here to tell you that they’re not only able to drink but launch their own brand of beer called Mmmpop. No, were not joking. This Ladies and Gentlemen, is a remix of their 1990s branding associated with the song Mmmbop, which outlined the story of three brothers who sang lyrics people still don’t understand. God speed in your new endeavor, little blond men.

By: Pharyl Weiner

Turkey roulade? Vichyssoise? Pumpkin white chocolate cookies? Yes, please.On November 18th, the waistbands at Seiden got a little snug as we gathered round the conference room to partake in culinary genius. Okay, so were not Top Chef contestants, but we did put down the paperwork and trade in our job jackets for measuring cups. And well-deserved food comas.

With the mission of bringing in a dish for the first annual Seiden Potluck Thanksgiving, everyone tapped into his or her inner chef to create a feast even Paula Dean would approve of. What did we eat? Everything. Twice.

Happy Thanksgiving to us.

By: Pharyl Weiner

As if we didnt eat enough at the office Thanksgiving, then our own Thanksgivings, then our own Thanksgiving leftover celebrations, our dear staff has decided to bring in delicious treats every day this week. Whats the celebration? Um, last week in November-itis?

First chocolates from Peru and now banana chocolate chip bread? Guess Ill have to hit up Cyber Tuesday sales and buy me some new pants.

By: Pharyl Weiner and Ellen Pratt

As the dust settled, the remaining tributes surveyed the carnage around them and prepared to turn in for a well-deserved rest. 10 tributes were eliminated in the first day of competition but 13 remain to fight to the social media death.

After the cannons boomed to memorialize those departed, an announcement rang out above the arena:
“THIS JUST IN FROM THE CAPITAL CUBES: Due to overwhelming sponsor support, @ has been granted immunity for Day 2. He will progress immediately to the Day 3 tasks”

Tributes, remember to continue to get your Twitter sponsors to vote you, since at the end of each day the votes will be tallied and whoever has the most that day will be awarded a competitive edge!

By: Pharyl Weiner

The first eight Jelly Belly flavors were Very Cherry, Lemon, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Root Beer, Grape and Licorice.  It wasn’t until President Reagan was elected president that the idea for blue jellybeans emerged so that he could serve red, white and blue beans at his inaugural parties. So, when you’re eating a handful of your favorite candy to celebrate National Jelly Bean Day today, be sure to thank the electoral college for making this all possible.