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By: Jenny Briskman

For any female between the ages of 20 and 90, Titanic most likely holds a special place in your heart. I still remember being 11 years old, seeing the movie with my parents on New Year’s Eve and crying non-stop throughout the entire third hour of the film…both for the fact that Jack and Rose would never find eternal love, and that Leonardo DiCaprio would never be my boyfriend.

It was sad.

15 years later, the release of Titanic 3D will surely bring with it a new onslaught of female tears and Leo-mania.

So, you may ask, what did James Cameron choose to modify with the re-release of the film? Did he brighten the skyline behind Jack, when he shouts, “I’m king of the world”? Did he linger a little longer on Rose’s neck as Jack sketches her? Maybe that infamous sweaty palm print on the inside of the car window was sharpened, just a tiny bit.

No…like any good sci-fi/fantasy nerd, Cameron updated the nighttime sky in one of the final scenes to be scientifically accurate based on the time and date of the ship’s destruction.