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By: Jenny Briskman

I’m a huge indie film fan. I can pass on most big-budget movies; even the ones I’m so excited to see beforehand (I’m looking at you, Hunger Games), never end up being that great. But give me a low-budget, one-camera film, with some no-name actor, and I’m good to go.

So at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, I ended up seeing 5 movies (if you’re interested, they were: Rubberneck, Resolution, Mansome, Shorts: Status Update and Free Samples…All worth seeing, except Free Samples, which may have been the worst movies I’ve ever seen).

Where I’m going with this, is that before each film that plays as part of Tribeca, the same sponsor commercials play – American Express, Caesars, Heineken. So by the third time I was seeing these spots, I was sick of them…Except, that is, for one very interesting Stoli commercial.

You can watch the spot here

Go ahead and watch before you continue reading this post – I promise it’s worth the :26 seconds of your life.

Notice anything interesting? Ya, I didn’t either. The spot always got a good laugh from the audience – who among us hasn’t been in a theater with that asshole whose cell phone keeps ringing?

But then I saw the spot a second time. Then a third. And then I noticed something. What if the main character – Terry – were African-American and the African-American guy sitting in the theater, nibbling on popcorn and watching, entertained, as Terry gets knocked out, were Caucasian? What sort of PR nightmare would Stoli have had on their hands then? And what type of laugh, or startled silence, would have come from the Tribeca audience?