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By: Benjamin Schechner

Today the Interns became full members of the office; we participated in, or rather competed in (and I would also add thoroughly enjoyed) our first “First Friday”. These “First Friday” events were created as part of Seiden’s move to become a more digitally focused agency. On the first Friday of every month or in this case, the second Thursday of the month, Pharyl (@pharyl) and Patrick (@patrykbot), Seiden’s specialists in all things that are digital and social media, plan an activity for the office which asks each and every participant to use social media. Each “First Friday” focuses on a particular aspect of social media; this way, the office learns the ins and outs of social media in a fun and creative way.

This “First Friday” challenge was focused around Twitter. The office was divided into groups of three and sent out into the surrounding area for a scavenger hunt. Each team had to take a picture and then tweet it (with a witty caption) to @SeidenNYC. Then, once that tweet was received, the next clue would be tweeted back. The pictures from the event can be seen on Seiden’s Pinterest page and the clues can be seen on our twitter page.
Although there was contention over who was the winner of the hunt (it was obviously my team), I would say that “First Friday” builds a community within the office. At the same time, it ensures that each member of the office learns how to use different forms of social media.

This “First Friday” was memorable and a success, (just like most Seiden interns) and I cannot wait for the next one.