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By: Carina Liebmann

Social Radar is a platform that provides consumer analytics by tracking trends online. Infegy, the company behind the technology, is bringing it to the public. Using Social Radar, Infegy has produced an interactive weekly report on the current top 50 brands, based on positive online conversations. And it is not only a list 1 to 50 updated weekly with the brand names. Gender distribution, comment types (positive or negative) and conversation flow (number of posts about the brand each day during the past week) is shown. Clicking on a brand name brings you to a page of infographics focusing on that specific brand, where data shown on the first page is explored further. In addition there is a word cloud with different topics that were brought up when the brand was mentioned, each color coded based on whether it was brought up in a positive or negative mention of the brand.

There is a lot of information, but it is all well organized in infographics, so it’s very easy to take it all in. It is fun to see the details of each brand, my personal favorite probably being the word clouds. Recently princess in relation to disney was brought up 487,000 times in one week, villains 122,000 times. Grey was mentioned with 100% positivity in reference to Nike while Brown was mentioned with only 20% positivity. This information provides a fascinating insight on consumer opinion and word choice.

I find this weekly brand report engaging, fun, and informative, and hopefully you do to. See it here.