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By: Carina Liebmann

When a struggling band, Monsters Calling Home, recorded a music video in their Hondas and posted it to youtube, Honda saw it. To show Honda’s appreciation of the band using their cars, they contacted the band and offered an opportunity for the band to play in front of hundreds of executives. Unfortunately when Monsters Calling Home arrived they were told by the five or so people there that no one else could make it, but were asked if they could still play a song. Right when Monsters Calling Home began playing they got cut off, and were told the truth… Honda got the band onto Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they played a few hours later.

Honda created an amazing experience for these customers as a thank you for their loyalty, loyalty they had shown without expecting anything in return. Then Honda made the story into an exciting and “feel good” ad to watch. Rewarding customers on a personal level, rooting for the underdog, recognizing talent and hard work, showing nice and fun people who drive your car, and all while getting the story out there to get more customers. Not bad. And it is pretty hard to not love Honda after seeing how happy they made the members of the band. 

Watch it and feel good here