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By: Chelsea Herman

If Steve Jobs were alive today, he would be a proud man. After the opening weekend, over 5 million iPhone 5’s were sold. The demand for Apple’s latest technology has been astronomical, although analysts seem disappointed that numbers weren’t quite as high as expected. The new iPhone was predicted to sell closer to 10 million pieces due to the long lines outsideApple stores close to the release date. However, from a personal standpoint, 5 million devices, priced between $200-$500 doesn’t seem too shabby, both for Apple as well as the economy.
What I find most interesting is these 5 million sales were made without the help of Apple’s traditional, sleek commercial advertisements. But I guess that’s just the power of the Apple brand. People have a lot more trust in their products when compared to other manufacturers of smartphones and computers. However, these competitors will not let the iPhone craze minimize their achievements. I recently saw a commercial for the new Samsung Galaxy phone that directly targets the crazed iPhone consumer. It depicted a long line of people waiting outside an Apple store talking about the new iPhone. Then, after discussing all of the subtle improvements of the new phone, a couple of Samsung Galaxy owners swap a playlist by touching their phones together, right in front of the loyal Apple fans. Spurring jealousy and confusion, the Apple fans ask what just happened, and the Galaxy owners explained, like it was no big deal. Shocked and amazed, the iPhone fans look at each other and contemplate their purchase.
So, to buy, or not to buy, that is the ultimate question. For me, it was simple. I needed a new phone, was due for an upgrade, and bychance, was able to pick one up on the day it was released. For others it might be a more difficult decision. But, ads or no ads, the iPhone 5 really is tremendous.

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