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By: Carina Liebmann

Oscar Mayer has sent comedian Josh Sankey on a cross-country adventure. All he has to get from NY to LA is a trailer full of Oscar Mayer’s new Butcher Thick Cut Bacon, which he is using instead of cash. As he travels along, he tweets what he needs. Anyone can make an offer through twitter, facebook or email, and say what they’ll give and for how much bacon. If the deal goes through Josh gets what he needs and the person gets bricks of bacon. To see where he is currently and what he needs, as well as past deals and the current exchange rates, go to

This campaign gets all of the US involved and shows how valuable people find this bacon. People are given the chance to interact physically with this campaign as Josh travels. The campaign is powered by and documented by social media, allowing for trades to be made and people who weren’t able to barter for some bacon to be entertained by those who do. By using social media to organize the trades, social media is used as a tool for a brand to meet people outside of the web. Oscar Mayer is really getting to know their target audience, and proving how much people love their brand, all while getting their new product into homes across the US.  One of my favorite deals so far is 137 bricks of bacon for a guy to get a bacon tattoo resembling the Oscar Mayer logo.


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