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By: Matt Dahlmeier

Recently Wolfram|Alpha (, whose goal is to make the world’s knowledge computable, released a new Facebook app that allows users to perform analytics on their own profiles. Users of the app can get information such as what the weather was like on the day you were born, the number of friends and their geographic, age, and gender distributions. It can graph your interaction with Facebook over time letting you know what time and day of the week you are most likely to be on Facebook and what activities (posting, uploading photos or videos) you do most at those times. It can generate a word cloud based on your posts to show you what words tend to show up most. Looking at your friends, it can map out your networks, allowing you to visualize how your friends are connected together. It’s a fun thing to take a look at and play around with.

Simply go to and type in “facebook report”. If you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll be prompted to authenticate the Wolfram Connection app in Facebook, and then sign in to Wolfram|Alpha (yes, it’s free). And as soon as you’ve done that, Wolfram|Alpha will immediately get to work generating a personal analytics report from the data it can get about you through Facebook.

Fun fact I learned with this: Steve Feinberg is my oldest friend (by age)…hahaha

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