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By: Rachel Metter

Every time I take the ACE from 14th street, I find myself drawn to the station’s many Tanqueray ads, which have lined its long corridor for a couple of months now. The campaign’s slogan is “Tonight We Tanqueray,” and in one particular ad— a handsome man with a noir-ish vibe holds up a glass of the premium gin and winks at consumers, as if to let us in on his grand ol’ time.

I often find myself staring at him and thinking one of these three things: “Man, I’d love to Tanqueray…thanks for asking,” “Tanqueray-ing sounds like fun!” or “Do I have to go to a class to learn how to Tanquray? It sounds a little complicated…”

By making its brand a verb, Tanqueray has doled out the ultimate call-to-action.

The most widely known brands have become verbs due to their sheer popularity: Google, Xerox, Swiffer, etc. But Tanqueray has taken the matter into its own hands—instead of waiting for popular culture to “verbify” (if you will) its brand—it created its own campaign around the notion of “doing.”