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By: Meredith Cohen

For many, accessing web pages is a visual only task that sometimes interferes with daily activitities since it requires a “sit down and focus” environment. The new SpokenLayer app changes the user’s experience by gathering written articles from the web and transforming them into narratedaudio, making them available whether you are commuting, doing chores or even taking a shower.
This listening quality will allow millions more to access articles that they may previously not have had the time or place to read. Although many of these articles will be spoken by humans, some will use text-to-speech technology such as that utilized in the Apple’s Siri digital assistant. The app does not currently feature every article on the Internet, but focuses on a few specific sources such as The Atlantic, TechCrunch and Joystiq.

This potential to reach millions more through the sense of hearing may literally create a new type of audience for web advertisers.

As the article concludes, “…give your eyes a rest and read the web with your ears.”