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By: Kati Schultheis

The Lung Cancer Alliance has a powerful new campaign that aims to defeat the stigma associated with lung cancer.  At, you can see a range of ads featuring photos of “crazy old aunts,” “hipsters,” and “the genetically privileged,” each with the arresting headline that they “deserve to die.”

As you scroll down the website, you learn about lung cancer discrimination—”Many people believe that if you have lung cancer you did something to deserve it”—and the prevalence of the disease—more people die from lung cancer than die from prostate, breast, and colon cancer combined.

Viewers can login with Facebook for a personalized experience to see how many of their friends on average will be diagnosed.  The site also provides assets to spread the word on Facebook with the goal of changing perceptions of lung cancer.

The campaign, which has been met with some controversy, was developed by Laughlin Constable and is running in 31 markets this summer across the U.S.