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By: Benjamin Schechner

The Olympic games opened on July 27th 2012, eight days after July 19th
2012 or the beginning of Ramadan. Ramadan is the holiest month of the
Islamic calendar and many observe this month long holiday by fasting
from dawn to sunset. This disruption in eating will no doubt have an
effect on Muslim athletes but I wonder, how will it affect commercials
and marketing during the Olympics?

Since one of the food industry’s targets is fasting while watching the
games, any commercial showcasing food or drink will be that much more
effective. I know from personal experience that whenever I fast, the
first thought always on my mind is food. As a result, during these
fasting periods, I am very susceptible to food brands and any food
commercials. I can only imagine that my previous fasting experience is
similar to the millions of Muslims who are currently fasting.

The Olympic games are a marketing opportunity for every industry but
the 2012 London games are a special opportunity for the food and
beverage industries. As a result, expect to see an influx of food and
beverage commercials during the 2012 games.