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This Exquisite Art Project

By: Marjorie Kalomeris

Google’s Creative Lab and London’s Tate Modern art gallery have teamed up to create “This Exquisite Forest”, a digital art project inspired by the French Surrealist exercise entitled “This Exquisite Corpse”. In the creative writing exercise, writers add a word onto a sentence without seeing the language preceding it, often creating nonsensical phrases such as “this exquisite corpse”.

In this digital forest of creativity, anyone can add onto the “seed animation” provided by featured Tate artists and shift the direction of the tree being created, or else start a new tree entirely. Designed to work most efficiently on Chrome browsers, “This Exquisite Forest” is a cultural and social collaboration, equipped with a music tool that allows artists to align original animation with instrumentals.

“This Exquisite Forest” will be on display in the Tate Modern gallery in London starting today. It will be exciting to see how the forest evolves over time in this living, breathing digital experiment.