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Simplicity Rules!

By: Mindy Weiss

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the passing of Title IX, the Education Amendment passed by Richard Nixon that opened the doors for women’ sports, Nike has released a new spot called “Voices.” The spot commemorates the progress that women have made in sports while reminding viewers of the challenges that female athletes still face everyday. 

I found this spot incredibly moving.  Maybe it was the alternating images of grown female athletes with those of young girls, which reminds us that even adult athletes are kids at heart and just want to play. Maybe it was the success stories of famous female athletes who paved the way for girls like me to play sports today. Overall, I think it was the closing words that had the biggest impact on me: “#Maketherules. Leave it to Nike, the company whose simple “Just do it” slogan has inspired for years, to understand that sometimes the fewer the words, the bigger the message.