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By: Patrick Lupinski

Social Networks have now been around for over a decade—I know…I feel old, too. From Friendster to Facebook, we’ve customized our profiles, uploaded photos and Liked pages that we felt reflected our personalities and interests. As a result,  we’ve created incredibly complex social graphs to comprehend our friend connections – but what about an interest graph?

There’s all of this data out there that represents our personalities just hanging out waiting to be used. Wouldn’t it be cool to connect with strangers solely based on common interests extracted from your profile? That’s where services like Airtime come in.

This past Tuesday, Airtime was launched at an event right here in New York City. All you need to use the service is a Facebook account and a webcam. Once you’ve logged in, you can choose to video chat or instant message with people from your Facebook friends list. But the most interesting part is when you click on “Talk to Someone.” That’s when you’re placed into a random video chat with a stranger based off of your interests and location.

You may recall a similar, but a little creepier, service called Chatroulette where you were placed into a random video call with some random person from some random location and you most likely closed the chat before the random stranger could even say “hi.” Airtime, however, seems a little bit more human and definitely a little less creepy.

But wait…there’s even more to it. Aside from video calls, you can also watch your favorite YouTube videos together in real-time and according to the folks at Airtime, more sharing options are on their way.

Imagine the unexpected friendships, collaborations, and marketing opportunities that could result from social pairing!